Monitoring Food Additives and Nutritional Composition of Labels of Food Bases

Stela Gabriela JELEA, Marian JELEA, Lucia MIHALESCU, Zorica VOŞGAN, Oana Corina JELEA


During June, 2017, ten products from the food bases category have been studied. The companies and the products types were noted and the manufacturer’s labels were studied. It has been found that the rules on the labeling of food bases are respected. The study had the following objectives: studying the ingredients and the nutritional composition and identifying the additives used in the manufacture of the product. Studying product labels also highlighted an increased salt and sugar content. The percentage of dehydrated vegetables was between 4.49% and 38%. The vegetables content was different for the food bases investigated. The 40% of food bases had between nine and ten dehydrated vegetables, the 60% had between four and six dehydrated vegetables. Additives added to foods during processing are important to improve their appearance and to extend their shelf life.


composition content; food bases; labels; nutritional content

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