Influence of Different Fertilizers on Soybean Yield and Nitrogen Content in No-Till Agriculture System

Nicoleta MĂRIN, Mihail DUMITRU


This paper presents the results obtained in the experimental field placed on cambic Phaeozem at SCDA Teleorman. The effects of various types of fertilizers, such as: N, NP, NPK, potassium humate NPK, containing different forms of nitrogen on the production and the content of nitrogen, were analyzed. The experiments soya been were carried out using soybeans as crops, in conservation agriculture system, and the fertilizers application dosages were 50, 100, 150 and 200 kg N/ha. The laboratory tests results and the statistical data indicated that the nitrogen from soil registered significant changes, after the application of urea, NP and NPK dosages. The production presented significant increases for the application dosages of 150 and 200 kg N/ha.


crops; conservation agriculture; soil protection

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