The Grain Yield Performance and Stability Characters of Several Spring Wheat Genotypes in Transylvanian Plain Conditions

Ionuț RACZ, Rozalia KADAR, Ovidiu Adrian CECLAN, Diana HIRIȘCĂU, Florin Dumitru BORA, Laura ŞOPTEREAN, Roxana CĂLUGĂR


The current study presents some stability parameters (coefficient of variation, environment variation, regression coefficient, deviation from regression, coefficient of determination and ecovalence) of grain yields and the main components of its. Twenty-two spring wheat cultivars were tested in yield trials during three years being analyzed the number of grains per spike, thousand kernel weight and spike density The genotypes: Durom and Marcius indicated over the experimental years, a high stability for grain yield, based on three or more parameters (CV, s2, b, sd2) and a good adaptation. Corso and Henica genotypes have a good stability for number of grains per spike with a medium number of grains, and TD 1524-71 is the most unstable genotype for thousand kernel weight. Regarding the correlation between stability parameters for analyzing characters there is a different and additional reaction according to differently performance of genotype.


grain yield; performance; stability; yield components

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