Influence of Different Tillage Systems on Soybean Nodulation and Yield in the Transylvanian Plain Conditions

Felicia CHEŢAN


The paper presents the results of research conducted during 2018-2019, regarding the root nodules formation at soybean, by applying different tillage systems, under the conditions of the Agricultural Research and Development Station Turda situated in the Transylvanian Plain.The development of root nodules in soybean differs from one variety to another, the highest value of 103 nodules/plant is recorded in the Onix variety and lower in the Cristina and Felix variety with 66 and 69 nodules respectively. Also at the weight of the nodules/plant it seems to maintain the same trend, the Onix variety (0.86 g) being superior to the other two varieties (Felix 0.83 g, Cristina 0.80 g). The highest soybean average yield was registered at the Cristina variety cultivated in the minimum tillage-chisel (2548 kg/ha) and the lowest yield at the Felix variety in the no tillage (1592 kg/ha).


soybean; root nodules; tillage system; yield.

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