Study of the allelopathic effects of Medicago sativa on the germination characteristics of Secale montanum

Esmaeil NABIZADEH, Mahdieh MEMARI, Khadijeh AHMADI


This study investigated the allelopathic effects of Medicago sativa L. on the germination characteristics of weed rye (Secale montanum L.) Guss. In order to study the allelopathic effects of different concentrations of aqueous extract (0, 10, 20 and 30%) of different M. sativa parts (root, leaves, stem and aerial parts of the plant including (stems, leaves and flowers) on initial growth of rye (S. montanum) seedlings a factorial experiment arranged in RCB design was carried out with three replications in the greenhouse of Agricultural College, Mahabad Islamic Azad University in 2017. The greenhouse data showed that the plant height, root and biomass dry weight of the weed decreased so that the declining trend had a significant effect (p≤0.05) on all traits of rye studied in the present experiment. Among the aqueous extracts of M. sativa that of the root had the greatest allelopathic potential. 


allelopathy; extract; germination.

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