The Influence of foliar fertilization on different soybean genotypes

Adrian NEGREA, Raluca REZI, Teodor RUSU, Camelia URDĂ, Vasilena SUCIU


Soybean is one of the most important leguminous crops due to its high oil and protein content with a significant role in nutrition. Micronutrients for soybean growth and development are very important and foliar fertilization is used to overcome environmental stress and help soybean plants to fill their nutritive needs. The research was carried out in 2020 by the Soybean Breeding Laboratory from the Agricultural Research and Development Station in Turda, Romania. Foliar fertilization had both positive and negative effects for 1000-grain weight and yield however, quality traits do not seem to be influenced by applying supplement of microelements during the vegetation period. The research suggests that genotype is the determining factor in the efficiency of foliar fertilization. In this sense, the present experiment will continue to bring answers regarding the effects of foliar fertilizers on some soybean genotypes.


soybean; foliar fertilization; quality; yield.

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