Research Regarding Potatoes Crop Control Against Diseases and Pests-Unconventional Biotechnics of Colorado Beetle Control (Leptinotarsa Decemlineata Say.) in the Ards Turda Conditions



Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) is and will remain the main pest of potato crops. It seeks to combat it, more so as enable transmission of the virus X (PVC) and could reach total causing damage, in an attack early harvest losses are possible in 50 to 80% while a later attack, they can reach up to 30%. This pest developed resistance to a wide range of insecticides, which has enhance management studies determined based on a better and more thorough understanding of the ecology pest. In currently there are different methods based on biological products, various chemicals (pheromones) that causes certain behaviors (in this case aggregation) with efficiency superior, clean, reducing the quantities of toxic chemicals in the cultivation of potatoes, there is not resistance (as happens with insecticides), and thus do not affect consumer health tubers of potatoes.
The paper presents results under the program Agral-CEEX from S.C.D.A. Turda during 2006-2008, regarding the use of unconventional biotechnics control or limitation under ETD (Economic Thresholds for Pest ) of the Colorado beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say.) from the potato crop. This method was tested based on the use of compositions biotechnics pest attraction that obtained at the Institute of Chemistry Cluj-Napoca, which were used as traps for beetle aggregation pheromone in Colorado; two variants were synthesized pheromone of aggregation, V1-PEG and V2 -ExFr.
Adults to follow this pest abundance and attack rate (%) in each variant. Pitfalls of both V1-PEG, and in those of V2-ExFr were found near the Colorado beetle, many insects in the same order as proof that these aggregation pheromones are efficiency and can be placed in management integrated control, using this method to potato crop. Also using this method biotechnics -aggregation pheromone- to reduced chemical treatments needed to pest control and protect wildlife be helpful existing default


biotechnics method, aggregation pheromone of the Colorado beetle, population density; abundance of adults

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