Influence of Genotype and Agrofond on the Quality of Wheat Varieties from Transylvania

Simona MAN, Sevastita MUSTE, Anamaria POP(BIROU), Carmen CHIRCU, Vlad MURESAN, Rodica KADAR


The paper presents and analyzes the baking quality indices of indigenous wheat varieties (Arieşan, Apullum and Dumbrava) grown at S.C.D.A. Turda during 2008-2009 crop year, under agrofond influence. Results showed that the genetics and technological factors contribute to change in fairly wide limits of chemical composition of wheat grain. Experiencing the three wheat varieties different doses of organic fertilizers (N50P50K50 kg/ha şi N50P50K50 + N50P30 kg/ha), crude protein values range between 13,73% (N50P50K50 kg/ha ) and 15,78% (N50P50K50 + N50P30 kg/ha) in Arieşan variety, between 12,71% (N50P50K50 kg/ha ) şi 15,13% (N50P50K50 + N50P30 kg/ha) in Apullum variety and between 12,95 (N50P50K50 kg/ha ) şi 15,05% (N50P50K50 + N50P30 kg/ha) in Dumbrava variety. Also the values of wet gluten content varies between 32,55% influenced by N50P50K50 kg/ha and between 37,65% - 39,05% influenced by N50P50K50 + N50P30 kg/ha.


wheat quality, genotypes, fertilization.

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