Bioeconomy and Green Economy: European Strategies, Action Plans and Impact on Life Quality

  • Carmen Socaciu University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Keywords: bioeconomy, green economy, EU strategy, Horizon 2020, biorefinery, education and research, innovation


The review presents the definitions, the main concepts and vision for Bioeconomy versus Green economy. The key aspects which are discussed refers to European strategy and action plans (1), Bioeconomy and agriculture orientation (2), Biorefinery for a better life quality (3) and involvement of education, research and innovation for the progress of Bioeconomy (4). There are described the main challenges, requirements, aims related to the integration of bioeconomy in different economic sectors, the strategic plans and activities at global level  with specific consideration for European member states. Innovation and the need of an integrative knowledge, creating translational bridges and covering gaps by sustainable interdisciplinary research and technology development are  also discussed. Considering the vital links betweeen research - innovation and technlogy transfer, for the bioeconomy progress, relevant examples will be presented, related to  European programs (2014-2020), e.g. Horizon 2020,  European Innovation partnership (EIP) and Partnerships Public-Private (PPP). The role of universities, as best providers of education and research will be underlined with a strong focus on the need to develop the entrepreunership culture and their role as knowledge and innovation disseminator, filling the gap research­-invention­­-innovation.