Personalised nutritional powder for elderly developed in OPTIFEL European Project

  • Monica TRIF Centiv GmbH
  • Lavinia MURESAN Centiv GmbH
  • Malte BETHKE Centiv GmbH
Keywords: Elderly, Enriched nutritional powder, Fluid bed drying, Personalised food


A personalized nutritional powder for elderly containing minerals and vitamins was developed by CENTIV GmbH for further applications in the FP7 European OFTIFEL project by designing and processing of novel food products such as nutrient dense smoothie products. The amount of the powder used for each person, in each product, is calculated using a food calculator, which was developed within the same FP7 European OFTIFEL project, named OPTIFEL Personalised Nutritional Calculator.

The personalized nutritional powder consisting of several minerals and vitamins, has been agglomerated in a Fluid Bed Dryer using maltodextrin as carrier, in order to obtain a higher solubility, homogenization of all the nutrients, a desired supplement with a neutral taste, free of color and which can be added in any drinks or food matrix for enrichment in a certain concentration. It will not influence the final taste and has great solubility.

Developing innovative food and services tailored to elderly populations is a new challenge for key players involved in food industry and catering. The population targeted by the OPTIFEL project is elderly cooking at home or making use of meal-on-wheels services for whom the project will develop food products adapted to their taste, habits, needs and constraints.

Author Biography

Malte BETHKE, Centiv GmbH
Process Technology


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