Alfalfa Leaf Powder and its Potential Utilisation in Raw Vegan Chocolate

Raluca ȚIPLEA, Ramona SUHAROSCHI, Loredana LEOPOLD, Florinela FETEA, Sonia Ancuța SOCACI, Dan Cristian VODNAR, Oana Lelia POP


Utilization of new or unusual sources of nutrients has led to a wider market regarding food product diversity. The utilization of alfalfa in food products leads to an increase in nutrients as proteins, from macro elementary point of view and in polyphenols, chlorophylls, and carotenoids if is to look in the micro elementary system. The present paper proposes the increase of the bioavailability of alfalfa powder by adding in a raw vegan chocolate. Characteristics as total phenolic content, antioxidant activity, FTIR fingerprint, and antimicrobial activity were investigated.


alfalfa; antioxidant; phenol content; raw chocolate

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