The Effect of Starch and Amidated Pectin on Rheological Behavior of Iota-Carrageenan Gels

Zdravko MANEV, Nadezhda PETKOVA


Experiments were conducted to study the rheological behavior of iota-carrageenan Gels to which potato starch and low-esterified amidated pectin were added. The rheological measurements of carrageenan jellies were performed by a texture analyzer at different concentrations of gelling agent (iota-carrageenan) and fixed concentrations of starch (1.3 %) and pectin (0.3%). Following the experiments, rheological patterns related to rupture force, rupture deformation and firmness of the gels were evaluated. Potato starch and low esterified amidated pectin at certain concentrations do not show synergistic effects with iota-carrageenan. The addition of low esterified amidated pectin or potato starch in iota-carrageenan gel results in a significant reduction in deformation and a minimal reduction in the rupture force.


amidated pectin; gels; iota-carrageenan; starch.

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