State of the Art on Functional Coatings for Applications in The Agri-Food Industry

Paul Alexandru POPESCU, Vlad Ioan POPA, Amalia Carmen MITELUT, Elisabeta Elena POPA, Mihaela Cristina DRAGHICI, Mona Elena POPA


Nowadays, consumer’s awareness regarding edible and functional coatings used in the food industry is increasing because of their novel approach on prolonging the shelf life of agri-food products that during storage, are subjected to a loss of quality attributes, which inevitably contributes to food waste. In order to combat this problem, functional coatings and edible films can be used because of their capability to extend the shelf life of food products by providing gas and water barrier properties and delaying microbial spoilage. The aim of this study is to review the literature and outline the most recent findings and developments regarding edible and functional coatings used in the food industry. Functional and edible coatings can be applied on different types of food products, like meat products, different kinds of cheeses and fruits and vegetables. mainly because they help maintain the organoleptic proprieties, such as aroma, taste and appearance and prologue their shelf life. The new concept of functional coatings and edible packaging has significantly influenced the marketing and safety aspects of food products and further studies and developments are needed to improve these technologies.


edible food packaging; functions coatings; shelf-life; sustainability.

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