The Importance of Certification with PDO and PGI Quality Schemes: A Critical Analysis of the Romanian Beekeeping Sector

Alexandra Ioana GLOGOVEȚAN, Peter ŠEDÍK, Cristina Bianca POCOL


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development defines quality schemes as "a way of recognizing the quality of agri-food products that have a sensory characteristic influenced by the geographical area" (MARD, 2019). The advantages of honey protection with the PDO and PGI quality schemes lead to the increase of the added value of Romanian honey and the increase of the consumers' credibility regarding the honey quality (MARD, 2021a). The research was based on a questionnaire survey, which was distributed online in Romania, during 2020-2021. The final sample consists of 433 Romanian beekeepers, out of which 59.4% are members of an association and over 15% own over 150 hives, being included in the category of professional beekeepers. The results showed that most beekeepers participating in the study recognize PDO (59%) and PGI (67,1%) logos, and some have tried to associate with other beekeepers to obtain certain quality certifications. At the same time, a correlation was identified between beekeepers who accessed support measures to increase the economic efficiency of the apiary (making business plans in this regard) and those associated with the purpose of obtaining quality certification for honey.


association; beekeepers; PDO; PGI; quality certification.

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