Determination of Phenolic Compounds in Gluten Free Pasta Fortified with Vegetal Powders

Ioana TALOS, Elena Suzana BIRIȘ-DORHOI, Floricuta RANGA, Vanda BABALAU–FUSS, Maria TOFANA


Food is necessary for human development. Several compounds from different food or food products possess bioactivities which help improve human health. In this study phenolic content of gluten free pasta and their ingredients were analysed using HPLC-DAD-ESI system. The phenolic compounds from the five ingredients (flours and powders), the control pasta and other five variants of gluten free pasta were identified. The highest content of phenolic compounds was identified in nettle powder (NP) and all the analyzed samples have a statistically significant content higher than the control.


corn flour; gluten free pasta; phenolic content; vegetable powder.

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