Use Of RAPD Markers For Identification Of Different Varieties In Mentha sp.

Ioana Virginia BERINDEAN, Iulia GEABOT, Andrei STOIE, Leon MUNTEAN, Ionuț RACZ, Andreea ONA, Dan VÂRBAN


Ten Mentha varieties collected from Botanical Garden of UASVM Cluj-Napoca were studied for genetic diversity among them and to identify of some commercial variety using molecular RAPD markers. A total of thirteen RAPD primers were used, but after amplification only eight was polymorphic. All eight RAPD primers gave a total of 270 amplified products, with an average of 33 fragments per primer. The smallest amplified fragment was 291 pb obtained by OPA01 and the largest was 2371 pb obtained by OPJ10. The analysis of the genetic distances between the mint varieties calculated on the basis of the Jaccard coefficient showed that the used RAPD primers generated a high level of polymorphism dividing the mint varieties into 2 groups depending on the genetic origin and common morphological characteristics.


Mentha, commercial variety, DNA isolation, RAPD.

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