Potato as a Complex Plant with Medical Benefits

  • Ioana Virginia BERINDEAN
  • Andreea D. ONA
  • Camelia MUNTEANU
  • Ionuț RACZ
  • Bianca POP
  • Alexandru D. COSTIN
Keywords: antioxidants, medical uses, phytonutrients, potato, Solanum tuberosum, vitamin


Although the ”potato’s journey” from its discovery to its introduction into culture took a long time and was skeptical, but now it is ultimately one of the largest crops worldwide. Also being an accessible food and due to the complex of nutrients found in the tubers, are considered both nutritional and medical qualities. Currently, various studies are found in the literature confirming the role and importance of using potatoes in different medical treatments or to improve the health of people. These results and recommendations are based on potato composition rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins by baked or boiled, using also the flesh and the peel. It has been proven that many of the essential components are found in potato peel at a much higher concentration than in the flesh. Also, the peel resulting from the peeling tubers is used in animal feed, but can be used as a solid substrate in various processes (fermentation or the powder as gluten-free flour). In traditional medicine, raw potato are usually used for different treatments like gastrointestinal disorder, gastroduodenal diseases, to reduce fever and hot topical pack are used for pain or for softening furuncles. Potato juice protein concentrate (PJPC) was used to observe its selective activity on different type of cancer cell line.