The Benefits of Walnuts Consumption on Human Health

  • Cornel BOBEȘ
  • Loredana SUCIU
  • Vasile FLORIAN
Keywords: amino acids, diseases, human health, Juglans regia, walnuts


The oldest writings about walnuts attest that they were consumed thousands of years before Christ in Persia, where they were specially cultivated for the royal family. Following the Silk Road, traders brought walnuts from Central Asia, China, to ancient Greece. Nowadays, the countries that can be proud of the impressive production of walnuts are China, the United States of America takes the second place, and Iran is the third largest producer of walnuts. Walnuts are a food that can be used in drinks and salty and sweet dishes and are also the basis of many cosmetic products. In addition, it is suitable for people of all ages. There are no restrictions in this regard. Due to the composition rich in minerals and vitamins, walnuts offer a generous series of external and internal benefits to the body. The studies undertaken in recent years have highlighted the positive effects that the consumption of nuts has on human health, such as: in brain functions, heart health, and reducing the risk of cancer.