Artemisia Species: Traditional Uses and Importance in Pharmacology

  • Maria-Evelina BORDEAN
  • Georgiana Smaranda MARTIS
  • Anamaria POP
  • Rodica UNGUR
  • Ileana Monica BORDA
  • Bettina-Cristina BUICAN
  • SevastiČ›a MUSTE
Keywords: Artemisia absinthium L., edible wormwood, pharmacology, traditional uses


In folk medicine, the effects of using Artemisia in the treatment of maladies have been discussed for the past century. Review papers on ethnopharmacology and laboratory studies of the pharmacological effects and herbal components make up the majority of the articles on this plant. Artemisia-based clinical investigations on the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, dyspepsia, etc. are anticipated given the validation of the digestive effects of this plant in traditional medicine in several countries. Regarding the aforementioned discoveries, it was discovered that the use of this substance in traditional literature and indigenous medicine was consistent with the fresh findings, and many of these studies may have their origins in traditional and indigenous uses. This demonstrates the usefulness of this inherited knowledge from our ancestors as a possible modern therapy or treatment