Neuroprotective Properties of Aqueous Extracts from Natural Sources

  • Georgiana Smaranda MARȚIȘ
  • Anamaria POP
  • Rodica UNGUR
  • Ileana Monica BORDA
  • Maria-Evelina BORDEAN
  • Giorgiana BUZGĂU
  • Anamaria BRAICU
  • Sevastița MUSTE
Keywords: aqueous extracts, medicinal plants, neuroprotection, oxidative stress, secondary plant metabolites


Neurodegenerative diseases results in slow neuronal death that accompanied with losing cognitive functions and sensory dysfunction. In efforts to discover new strategies for neurodegenerative therapy, natural herbal sources products have aroused interest in the research community and in the pharmaceutical industry for their neuroprotective activity. Mixtures or extracts of natural products might have advantages compared to individual natural compounds, as they have multiple simultaneous target approaches, which could be a novel treatment option for neurodegenerative, considering the complexity of its pathophysiology. This review mainly focuses in vitro and in vivo trials of natural aqueous extract and compiles information on their mechanism of actions.