Obtaining a Functional Product from Soy Milk Fortified with Blackcurrant Extract

  • Ana-Ioana POP
  • Mirela JIMBOREAN
  • Delia MICHIU
  • Bogdan Florin HODIȘAN
  • Suzana Elena BIRIȘ-DORHOI
  • Anca-Corina FĂRCAȘ
  • Maria TOFANĂ
Keywords: bioactive, currant, functional, health, , soy milk


Food is an important factor in maintaining well-being, which is why people should pay special attention to the food they eat. Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases are increasingly widespread among the population, being accentuated by the active lifestyle, lack of sleep, physical activity or unhealthy diet. This work highlights the bioactive role of black currants and the benefits they bring to health, as well as obtaining a bioactive product that has as raw materials in its composition: soy milk and currants. Starting from Hippocrates' motto, ”Let food become your medicine”, I believe that functional products have an essential role in maintaining health. The main purpose of the work is to identify the properties of red and black currant fruits, in different forms of presentation, in order to be used as a fortifying element in a soy-based food product, which stands out through the physico-chemical, organoleptic and microbiological properties provided of quality standards