Sustainable Ingredients and Selected Herbs By-Products for Food Industry

  • Anamaria POP
  • Georgiana Smaranda MARȚIȘ
  • Adriana PĂUCEAN
  • Simona CHIȘ
  • Simona MAN
  • Liana SALANȚĂ
  • Andruța MUREȘAN
  • Sevastița MUSTE
Keywords: bioactive, by-products, chamomile, herbs, oregano, sage, thyme


This review presents sustainable ingredients from selected herbs by-products, processing, and extractions of bioactive compounds exploring the potential for utilization as novel “green” food ingredients used in food technology. To increase the sustainability of the food chain, the valorisation of food by-products and wastes has emerged as a key study area. Herbs by-products have recently been discovered as sources of a variety of phytochemicals, many of which have significant biological activity that could be useful for food industry by applying the appropriate extraction method. For the recovery of bioactive, new extraction methods including pulsed electric field and ultrasonic are generating a lot of interest in herbs by-products. Supercritical fluid extraction, a green and environmentally-friendly procedure for preparation of some herbs by-products is described in this review in the context of sustainable extractions to eliminate or reduce solvent consumption.