The Use of Wild Apple Fruits for Innovation Confectionery

  • Alexandra Mădălina MATEESCU
  • Andruța Elena MUREȘAN
  • Vlad MUREȘAN
  • Romina VLAIC
  • Anda Elena TANISLAV
  • Sevastița MUSTE
Keywords: apple, chocolate products, jam, ornamental apples, taste


The purpose of this study was to improve chocolate products with filling already on the market with a jam from a kind of less exploited apple in our country, named ornamental apples (Malus baccata). The finished product was obtained by the classic process of obtaining jam, boiling apples to a jam consistency, then slipping the skins and pips, re-boiling and adding sugar. Then it left a little to cool down and put himself in jars for storage, followed by the classic sterilization operation known as the popular ”dusting”. Physico-chemical analyses such as moisture and dry matter, mineral substances, pH and titrable acidity were carried out in this study. After carrying out the analyses on apple jam, the finished product was made, named chocolate with apple jam filling; these two products combine very well, since chocolate tastes sweet, while the jam is a little sour and result in a sweet and sour taste that delights our taste buds.