Biostimulators Impact Germination and Leaf Development of Capsicum annum cv. Alexander – a BBCH Scale Assessment

  • Valentina Ancuța STOIAN
  • Ștefania GÂDEA
  • Antonia PAPP
  • Anamaria VÂTCĂ
  • Mădălina TRUȘCĂ
  • Sorin VÂTCĂ
Keywords: coffee grounds, growth, pepper, yeast


Yeast and coffee grounds were tested as biostimulators on pepper growth. The main aim was to emphasize the growth differences when these two biological agents were added. A number of 40 microcosmos experiments were set up with yeast (D1-3) and coffee ground (C1-3) in three concentrations 1, 2, and 3%, a mixed treatment (MIX) with the middle concentration (2%) and a control (C) treatment in five repetitions. The growth and development were reported on BBCH scale. The yeast (D1) produced 48% of the seedlings in 14 BBCH, D2 produced 16% seedlings in 18 BBCH. The coffee grounds C1 (11 BBCH) and C2 (12 BBCH) produced 12% fewer seedlings than the control treatment. Seedlings from the MIX treatment were at the end very similar with D3 treatment with the higher achievement of 35% in 14 BBCH. Pepper seedlings’ growth and development were easily visible between different treatments tested.