Active Ingredients Combinations for Pathogens Control on Cucumber Crops under High Plastic Tunnels

Gabriela ŞOVĂREL, Marcel COSTACHE, Ana Elmilia CENUŞĂ


In Romania, Pseudoperonospora cubensis and Sphaerotheca fuligineaare the most important pathogens on cucumber crops under high plastic tunnels. For controlling these pathogens there are applied products with different active ingredients: dimethomorph 9 %, mancozeb 60 %,  myclobutanil 240 g/l, penconazole 100 g/l, iprovalicarb 8,4 %, cupper oxychloride 40%. The best efficacy for controlling Pseudoperonospora cubensis andSphaerotheca fuligineawas obtained both combinations  foseyl aluminium 80% 0.2% + penconazole 100 g/l  0.025%(84.8%. 100%)and fosetyl aluminium 80% 0.2% + myclobutanil 240 g/l 0.02% (83.7%, 100%).


cucumber, plastic tunnels, pathogens control

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