After-Ripening Increased Seed Germination in Commercial Aubergine Seed Lots

Eren OZDEN, Ibrahim DEMIR


This work tested the effect of after-ripening on seed germination of thirteen commercial seed lots from four open pollinated cultivars (Aydın Siyahı, Kemer, Pala and Topan) of aubergine (Solanum melongena L.). Seeds were stored (after-ripened) at 5 °C with at 9% seed moisture content over 14 days in the dark in hermetic conditions. After-ripened seeds were tested at 25 °C and 20/30 °C (16/8 h) together with a control at 20/30 °C for 14 days in petri dishes. Results indicated that after-ripening significantly (p < 0.05) increased total germination in six lots and normal germination in eight lots out of thirteen when germination was tested at 25 °C. Increases were also observed eleven lots in total and thirteen in normal germination percentages out of thirteen when seeds were tested at 20/30 °C. Cumulative germination showed that after-ripened seeds germinated faster than control either germinated at 25 or 20/30 °C. Results indicated that aubergine seed germination can be increased through after-ripening treatment which shows the presence of seed dormancy in this species.


storage, cumulative germination, dormancy, seed storage temperature, alternating temperatures

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