A Comparative Techno-Economic Analysis of Organic and Conventional Nigella sativa L. Crop Production in Greece

Evangelia STEFANOPOULOU, Ioannis ROUSSIS, Konstantinos TSIMPOUKAS, Stella KARIDOGIANNI, Ioanna KAKABOUKI, Antigolena FOLINA, Dimitrios BILALIS


Nigella sativa L. is considered to be an alternative crop offering innovative and high-quality products. A case study was implemented on an existing farm to determine the prospects of N. sativa production in Greece and to assess the economic outcomes of the cultivation of this crop under organic and conventional cropping systems. The total production cost of organic N. sativa seeds was 6.09 €/kg, while the cost of conventional seeds was 4.77 €/kg. The organic and conventional N. sativa seed selling prices were 17.04 and 12.01 €/kg, respectively. Moreover, the financial performance of farm is better after the introduction of N. sativa crop under organic cropping system, where the net profit increased by 63.8% compared to the initial profit of the farm, while the increase in the conventional was less at 49.2%. N


business plan; cultivation cost analysis; Nigella sativa L.; organic farming.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-hort:2019.0018

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