Description of Valuable Genotypes from Germplasm Collection of Hot Peppers Set by Directions of Use

Ovidia Loredana AGAPIE, Florin STĂNICĂ, Costel VÎNĂTORU, Bianca TĂNASE, Elena BARCANU, Geanina NEGOȘANU, Ion GHERASE


The Genetic, Breeding and Biodiversity Laboratory from Vegetable Research and Development Station Buzau (VRDS Buzău) has a valuable germplasm collection of hot pepper consisting of 200 genotypes structured by their genetic stability. In this study, seven genotypes were characterized from an agro-morphological point of view. The aim of this study was to choose the most valuable genotypes for directions of use as: fresh consumption, chili powder or for pharmaceutical use. The agro-morphological results will be used in the breeding program to obtain new genotypes adapted to the pedoclimatic conditions of Romania.


breeding; Capsicum spp.; chilli.

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