Evaluation of an Organic Treatment Scheme against Eurytoma schreineri Schreiner

Claudiu MOLDOVAN, Ioan ZAGRAI, Luminița ZAGRAI, Aurel MAXIM, Georgeta GUZU


The experiment aimed to evaluate some of organic products within a treatment scheme against Eurytoma schreineri Schreiner., on two different plum varieties: Stanley and Reine Claude d’Althan. An experimental scheme of organic treatments by using seven organic products with insecticidal effect was developed and used for evaluation in the field. There were three variants taken into account: organic, conventional and untreated, used as control. Each variant consisted of eight trees belonging to Stanley and Reine Claude d’Althan cvs., four trees for each variety. The frequency occurring of Eurytoma schreineri was evaluated along two consecutive years (2019-2020). Overall results confirmed the sensitivity of Stanley cv. to Eurytoma. schreineri. On the other hand, the results showed that the organic scheme developed was unsatisfactory and there is a risk of considerable losses for farmers who opt for this kind of scheme.


Eurytoma schreineri; organic products; pest; plum.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-hort:2020.0047

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