Assessment of Phytoviral Status of some New Plum Orchards Established in Iaşi County, Romania

Ioan ZAGRAI, Luminița ZAGRAI, Georgeta GUZU


Four young plum orchards from Iaşi county, two of these established by using propagated material in Romania, and the other two with material from Austria, Czech Republic and Netherlands, were surveyed by visual observation of viral symptoms. Then, trees were sampled and tested for the presence of six viruses (PPV, PDV, PNRSV, ACLSV, ApMV and MLRSV) by serologic assays. A high rate of PPV infection (78% and 79%, respectively) was determinated in the two orchards established with planting material propagated in Romania, and a rate of 5% PDV infection was found in one of them. A rate of 2.5% PPV infection was determined in the orchard established with propagated material in Austria and Czech Republic, and no PPV infected tree was found in the orchard set up with material propagated in Netherlands. The infections with PNRSV, ACLSV, ApMV and MLRSV were not detected in the four orchards surveyed.


DAS-ELISA; plum; propagation material; survey; viruses.

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