Registration in the Land Book of a River Section

Mircea Emil NAP, Petre Iuliu DRAGOMIR, Tudor SĂLĂGEAN, Ioana Delia POP, Florica MATEI, Iulia COROIAN, Jutka DEAK, Silvia CHIOREAN, Elemer Emanuel ȘUBA, Ioan LUPUȚ


The minor riverbed of the Someș River is identified in the built-up area and the outside of the built-up area of Fărcașa ATU and the Ardusat ATU outside the built-up area, from the Ardusat DJ 193 road bridge, between hm 2725-2855 and between hm 2815-2867, according to GD (Government Decision) 1705/2006. For the first registration work of the Someș minor riverbed, the measurements, their processing and the afferent documentation were made in accordance with the Order of the general director of the National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising no. 700/2014, updated in 2020. The purpose of the project refers to the topo-cadastral methods performed for the elaboration of the documentation of first registration in the Land Book of the minor riverbed belonging to the Someș river located within the radius of ATU Ardusat and ATU Fărcașa from Maramureș county. For the acquisition of the necessary data, both field works and office operations for data processing were taken into account, the studied area being 222.7 hectares. Measurements were performed using GNSS technology using the real-time kinematic RTK method. The UAV aerial photogrammetric method was used to obtain a high degree of detail. The drone used was equipped with an RTK module that receives real-time corrections, thus maintaining a high accuracy.


GPS; Land Book; UAV.

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