The Use of UAV Photogrammetric Technology in Order to Make the Cadastral Documentation of Detachment in Two Lots of a Property Located in Valea Ierii, Cluj County

Elemer Emauel ȘUBA, Jutka DEAK, Iulia COROIAN, Mircea Emil NAP, Silvia CHIOREAN, Ioan LUPUȚ, Diana FICIOR


The cadastre and the land book form a unitary and mandatory system that ensures technical, economic and legal records of all the properties on the territory of the country. This paper includes the presentation of the operations necessary to prepare the cadastral documentation for detachment in two lots, using UAV photogrammetric technology. The studied area is located in the suburbs of Valea Ierii locality, with an area of 212353 sqm. The main part of the project was based on the use of the UAV photogrammetric method to survey the area. At the same time, two GNSS receivers were used to complete the photogrammetric measurements. Control and verification points were premarked on the ground, the coordinates of which were determined by the real-time kinematic GNSS method. This operation was followed by performing the photogrammetric flight using an UAS platform. The flight lasted about 17 minutes, covered an area of 29 ha and 288 frames were captured. The front overlap between  photos was set to 75% and the side overlap to 65%. New technologies for taking frames and processing them have been adopted, through methods that involve a low cost and a shorter time to perform specific operations.


cadastral documentation; ortophotomap; UAV.

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