Molecular Screening of Some Apple Progenies for Detection Vf Gene Using Marker Assisted Selection

Georgeta BIVOLARIU (GUZU), Ioan ZAGRAI, Luminița ZAGRAI, Mirela Irina CORDEA, Claudiu MOLDOVAN


Apple scab, caused by Venturia inaequalis is one of the most damaging pathogens that affects apple species. Cross combinations were made between Auriu de Bistrița cv. (female genitor) - a valuable local variety in terms of fruit quality but only tolerant to scab, and Florina cv. (male genitor) used as a donor of Vf resistance gene. It was first detected in Malus floribunda Clone 821, which was later transferred to commercial varieties by different breeding programs. To confirm the presence of Vf gene, progenies resulting from the mentioned combination were tested with MAS (Marker Assited Selection), using two dominant primers pairs (AM19, U1400), and another one codominant (AL07) used to distinguish homozygous and heterozygous genotypes. After the crossing combination, a number of twenty-six hybrids were obtained, of which 50% (13 hybrids) were clasified as resistant (heterozygous), respectively 50% (13 hybrids) as susceptible (recessive homozygotes), so the Mendelian ratio was confirmed.


apple; marker; MAS; progenies; scab; Vf gene.

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