Measurements Isotopic Ratios Signature and Level Concentration of Pb and Sr from Several Romanian Wines

Florin Dumitru BORA, Anamaria CĂLUGĂR, Claudiu Ioan BUNEA, Vasile Răzvan FILIMON, Gabriel TABARANU, Floricel DIMA


Authenticity, certification, and especially the origin of food has become an increasing priority among consumers and producers, in the case of wines, this is very important especially if commercial values are associated with the region of production. In the last decades, isotopic ratios of geological interest, such as Pb, and Sr, have gained interest in the tracking regional provenance of foods and especially of wine. The correlation of the Pb and Sr isotope ratios between soil and plant makes it an interesting tool for tracing the provenance of agricultural products such as grapes and wine. The purpose of this research was to assessment the Pb and Sr isotopic ratio to highlight geographical markers with a high degree of credibility in several Romanian wine-growing areas. The values of the 206Pb/207Pb, for the vine from Dealu Bujorului and Valea Călugărească vineyard show traces of lead atmospheric pollution, in Nicorești, Panciu, and Ștefăneți-Argeș vineyard the values of the isotopic ratio show traces of fly ashes, coals, or natural Pb and Greaca vineyard show traces of petrol, gasoline, combustion. Due to Pb, and Sr a separation on the vineyards and wine-growing centers, and also a separation of the wine samples was possible.


ICP-MS, Pb isotopes, Sr isotope, wine geographical origin

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