Beneficial Insects for Biological Pest Control in Greenhouse Cannabis Production

Gerasimos GRAMMENOS, Varvara KOUNELI, Antonios MAVROEIDIS, Ioannis ROUSSIS, Ioanna KAKABOUKI, Alexandros TATARIDAS, Dimitrios BILALIS


A greenhouse cannabis cultivation took place in Agriculture university of Athens in order to quantify the efficiency of beneficial insects as a main method of pest management. Cannabis plants grown in two greenhouses and beneficial insects were released only in one greenhouse as a means to investigate the efficacy against pests by the comparison with the control greenhouse. Measurements included the visual estimation of infestation, the recording of pest species and populations, and the comparison of infestations and yields amongst greenhouses. Our results indicate that beneficial insects could control pest populations up to 100%. Even though the environmental conditions were not optimal and consecutive pest infestations were observed throughout the duration of our study, the beneficial insects successfully managed the pest populations. In conclusion, biological control with beneficial insects is a very effective method for pest management in greenhouse cannabis production.


beneficial insects; Cannabis sativa; greenhouse; pest management.

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