Research on how to Implement the Systematic Cadastre within Medias Municipality, Sibiu County

Sergiu Bogdan POP, Nicolae POP, Marius MILUȚ, Gabriel BĂDESCU


The paper aims to conduct a research, in order to analyze how to systematically register properties in the integrated system of cadastre and land book of buildings on the territory of three cadastral sectors belonging to the administrative-territorial unit Mediaș, Sibiu County. The objective of the work is represented by the accomplishment of the systematic cadastral works in the analyzed area. The instrument used to carry out the geodetic and topographic works necessary to carry out this project is the Leica TC (R) 407 total station, which is part of the TPS400 range. The verification of the support network was performed both from a planimetric point of view using the conditional measurements method and altimetrically using the trigonometrical leveling at long distance method. Two new points were included, the compensation of their coordinates was made using the indirect measurements method. In the present paper, the real estate fund cadastre was made, the evidence and the systematic inventory were made, from a quantitative, qualitative and legal point of view of the 56 buildings from the 3 cadastral sectors afferent to the studied administrative-territorial unit. Following the work, it is found that the method of registration in the Land Book through the Systematic Cadastre is an efficient solution and an alternative to the Sporadic Cadastre addressed at national level that facilitates field work, time and allows the determination of land areas in cadastral sectors. with better accuracy.


immobile; Land Registry; systematic cadastre.

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