Kurdistan Rural Information System Platform, as a New Rural Innovation Paradigm: Local Decision-Makers Perspective

  • Razaw SAEED College of Agricultural Sciences Engineering, University of Sulaimani, Iraq
  • Rezhen HARUN College of Agricultural Sciences Engineering, University of Sulaimani, Iraq
  • Alaa JUMAA Technical College of Informatics, Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Iraq
Keywords: rural innovation, rural management, thematic analysis


Background: This study aimed to achieve objectives through SWOT analysis and focus group discussion, identifying internal and external factors through the local decision-makers in Kurdistan Region, to explore the way to describe and analyze Kurdistan Rural information System Platform (KRISP). Problems with information in rural areas still exist in the Kurdistan region administration. The aim of this study is an attempt to develop a digital platform that will help rural communities realize their full potential and contribute to a resilient and successful digital future. The primary objectives of this project are how to design and implement an agricultural information system to collect rural data from various areas by various farmers and make it available online so that future users may eventually search for and obtain the essential data. The first category is concerned with knowledge sharing, information exchange, self-improvement, and self-improvement for grassroots extension practitioners. The study made use of qualitative data, with fixed questions. for the analysis. The achievement of primary data was also collected using a FGD’s implemented in Sulaimani governorates. The period of data collection from different study areas starting from June 2023 to September 2023 and were used in this study to collect qualitative data from a variety of government sectors (decision-makers) from various organizations were included in group discussions and gatherings to address the issues highlighted in this study.