In Vitro Rooting and Ex-Vitro Acclimation in Apple (Malus domestica)

  • Alexandru FIRA Fruit Research Station Cluj
  • Doina CLAPA Fruit Research Station Cluj
  • Catita PLOPA Research and Development Institute for Fruit Tree, Pitesti – Maracineni
Keywords: apple, acclimated plants, hydroculture, vitro rooting


At the Fruit Research Station of Cluj research was done for the in vitro rooting and ex-vitro acclimation in hydroculture was done, in the local apple cultivars Precoce de Ardeal and Silvan. Apple micropropagation has already been studied by several researchers (Sedlák et al, 2001 and Tantos et al., 2001). The plants were multiplied on MS medium+0.7 mg/l BAP and rooted in vitro on MS with half macroelements+1 mg/l IBA. In cultivar Precoce de Ardeal, from the total of 64 plants, 58 rooted (90.625 %), whereas in Silvan, from the total of 64 plants 39 rooted (60.94%).The rooted Precoce de Ardeal plantlets were acclimated in hydroculture. From the total of 58 plantlets 37 got acclimated (63.793 % survival rate).