Researches on Establishing Measures to Prevent and Dispute Soil Compaction in Vineyards

  • Maria CONTOMAN Faculty of Food Science and Engineering, “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati
Keywords: compacting, soil maintenance, physical features


The research has been conducted in a vineyard from Dealurile Bujorului on Muscat Hamburg grafted on Berlandieri X Riparia Kober 5BB. The soil in the experimented parcel is a mold bill in nitrogen, medium-weak in phosphorus and medium in assimilated potassium. The research took into account 4 maintenance systems: the black soil, green fertilizers, perennial plants and herbicides. Each year, at the end of the vegetation stage, physical and chemical analysis was made in the soil. Biometric measurements were also made on the grapevine and quantitative and quality analysis on the production. Soil compaction was determined using Chirita penetrometer.