Active Citizenship and Political Socialization for the Members of the Pupils’ County Council from Cluj

Dan Ovidiu RUSU, Andrea MULLER-FABIAN, Dorottya DOMOKOS


Our study focused on the operationalization of the main common concepts from Audigier Model, Civitas, Velhuis’ study on the active citizenship, the democratic mechanisms and values from Dîncu’s study (1999) on the political universe of the pupils. The Case studies with students from the Pupils’ County Council, is concerned the assessment of civic culture perspective on: Kohlberg moral development of political culture in the terms of developmental stages, Marcia (1966) of his political identity, and the possibilities of involvement in a political career based on the social learning theory of Krumboltz (1996). Political socialization is integrated in the general process of the human socialization, they share a common repertoire of socialization factors, mechanisms and agents of socialization. At a specific level, political socialization differs in comparison with the general one only by the dominance of the political content over the social one. The concept of citizenship is a cultural and historical construct.


socialization factors, self-perception, profile, evaluation

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