The Study of Some Green Pepper Lines ( Capsicum annuum l. Var. Grossum Sendt) Tested in the Comparative Plots for Evaluation

  • Gicuta SBIRCIOG Research and Development Institute for Vegetable and Flower Growing Vidra
Keywords: pepper, lines, early yield, total yield.


The research works carried out at RDIVFG Vidra during the 2007-2008 period in the frame of program green pepper breeding. Five green pepper varieties (lines) which were developed in the frame of the Institute were studied in the comparative plots for their behaviour using as a control variety the cultivar Export. The variants were set up in randomized blocks placed in four replication and during the growing season several observations and determination were performed according to U.P.O.V. file (Nicolaie I.,1994).The germoplasm resources used in the frame of green pepper breeding process in order to obtain of this material consisted in native and /or local populations as well as varieties and hybrids brought from other countries. As breeding methods bulk positive selection yearly resumed in the valuable populations, intraspecific pollination among valuable varieties and lines followed by the pedigree selection and bulk positive selection yearly resumed in the advanced populations were used. (Sbirciog, 2003).