New Tomato Lines Type Cherry Obtained at V.R.D.S. Buzău

  • Costel VINATORU Vegetable Research – Development Station Buzău
  • Eliza NEICU Vegetable Research – Development Station Buzău
Keywords: tomatoes, cherry, amelioration, hybridization, genotypes


Lately, in Romania, has increased the consumer’s interest for the tomato cherry variety; this variety has been neglected until now by the nowadays ameliorators. According to the producer’s and consumer’s interest for this tomato variety, the main objective of the Amelioration Laboratory of V.R.D.S. Buzău was to ameliorate this variety in order to obtain varieties, genitors and valuable hybrids adapted to the climatic condition from our country. Nowadays, the collection field from V.R.D.S. Buzău at this party (undetermined growing – SP+ – and cherry type fruits) contains 32 genotypes belonging to the following species: Lycopersicum esculentum, Lycopersicum peruvianum and L. hirsutum, varieties of the spontaneum and subspontaneum subspecies: racenigerum, pinpinelifolium, cerasiforme and pruniforme; among these, 8 of them are in an advanced amelioration stage. In the amelioration works from the laboratory, the crossfertilize between wild species and ameliorated forms manifested a great interest. The hybrid combination that manifested interest were stabilized by specific selection works during 7 – 8 generations. Inter specific hybridizing constitutes the superior form in order to obtain new varieties, genitors and valuable hybrids; through this method there were obtained new forms with superior qualities. After the intensive amelioration works at this species, made at V.R.D.S. Buzău during 1996 – 2010, there were obtained 8 tomato lines type cherry (Tab. 1), stabilized from the genetic point of view and with superior qualities. The lines created have distinct and stable characters, which offer personality and identity to each creation.