Co-operation with China as an Element of a New Strategy of Management of Polish Horticultural Seeds Companies

  • Roman HOŁUBOWICZ Department of Seed Science and Technology, Faculty of Horticulture, Poznań University of Life Sciences, Baranowo, 62-081 Przezmierwo, Poland;


After changing an economic system in Poland from socialistic into capitalistic in 1989, Polish horticultural seed companies went through crucial and drastic changes. One of them consisted on developing a new strategy of management to produce more competitive and cheaper seeds. One of its elements was to move production of seeds from European locations to China. The most important advantages of it were: more favorable weather conditions, longer vegetation period, lack of some diseases recorded, lower economic risk of production, lower labour price, higher quality of the final product and increasing their own selling record through entering a Chinese market. The most profitable production in China is carried out on hybrid cultivars, in which no male sterile forms are available and therefore much hand labour is needed. The paper shows a scheme of the Polish-Chinese co-operation in seed business and market relations. This newly developed strategy has been highly profitable for both Polish and Chinese seed companies. Moreover, it has increased the seed trade turnover between our both countries. It also stimulates Chinese seed production companies to introduce new technologies and learn know-how.