The Influence of Soil Upkeep upon the Properties of Cambic Chernozem on the "Bujoru Hills” Vineyard (Covurlui Plateau)

  • Maria CONTOMAN Faculty of Food Science and Engineering “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, Domneasca Street No 47;


Recent specialty literature has pointed out both the advantages and the disadvantages of soil upkeep systems in vine plantations practiced in the world with a view to the ecological conditions in vineyards: black field, herbicide treatment, sod establishment with annual and perennial cultures and mixed systems in a given spatio-temporal succession (Agulhon, 1999). Physical, chemical and biological properties of cambic chernozem were influenced by different types of ground maintenance. Analytical data resulting from researches show us that they are different regarding the influence of soil tillage upon its characteristics. Values of soil attributes that characterize the depth profile registers a decrease in the depth profile, with noticeable differences between the annual work as black field and other types of soil maintenance. Soil biological activity depends on the climatic conditions and its technological management. This research aims at the dynamics of soil microorganisms which ensure the nitrogen circuit. The results of this research may stand as background for certain conclusions of practical importance.