Implementation Tehniques of the Muscat Ottonel Maceration

  • Maria Cristina TANA S.C Jidvei S.R.L Filiala Alba,
  • Maria Cosmina MARGINEAN S.C Jidvei S.R.L Filiala Alba,
  • Ovidiu TIŢA “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Food Industry and Environmental Protection, Street dr. Ioan Raţiu Nr. 7-9, Sibiu-550012–Romania;


This work is a study of the grape harvest in 2010 of the „Muscat Ottonel” variety in the vineyard „Târnave” and some technological options were studied, in which the behavior of enzymes and yeasts were tested to produce aromatic wines as Muscat type, in order to reflect the behavior of enzyme preparation and the selected yeasts.