A Survey Concerning Organic, Integrated and Conventional Agriculture in Greece

Aristidis KONSTANTAS, Dimitrios BILALIS, Nikolaos MPEOPOULOS, Anestis KARKANIS, Sotiria PATSIALI


During the last years, we see a turn of consumers in the search of qualitative and
certified products. This tendency has been extended, and in particular with geometrical progress, and
in the products of rural origin. People participating in the agricultural area, such as farmers,
processors, sellers and others, trying to follow this new trend become skeptical about the agricultural
method that will follow. For these reasons, this paper tries to record the problems and solutions of the
three agricultural systems (organic, integrated and conventional), through interviewing experienced,
relative to agriculture persons, and by creating a questionnaire capable of unveiling crucial matters of
the agriculture in Greece. The results of the interviews gave a lot of information that were
incorporated in the questionnaire, with the acceptance of organic agriculture as the best agriculture
system for Greece to be the most valuable. Additionally, based on the results of the questionnaires,
evaluation and classification of the problems and critical control points of each of the three
agricultural systems, was managed. In conclusion, this research helped in bringing to the surface the
real problems, solutions and prospects of organic, integrated and conventional agriculture.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15835/buasvmcn-hort:7082

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