Skill Development of Romanian Entrepreneurs and Increase of the Work Productivity, Factors for Growth of Competitiveness of IMM’s in Tourism

  • Gheorghe PIRVU Universitatea din Craiova
  • Ramona PIRVU Universitatea din Craiova


Although between 1998-2008 Romania has registered economic growth, from a human resources point of view it was a minimum growth. In time the flux of direct foreign investments has created new jobs, and in this context, promoting and developing entrepreneurial spirit has become absolutely necessary. In Romania the level of entrepreneurial education is low, in principle because of the deficient link between research, knowledge, education and industry which are exposed to a relatively new private business environment. The changing economic environment, in the context of numerous challenges of globalization, will inevitably lead to new evolutions on the market, and because of this the implementing of adequate stimulating measures for the entrepreneurial educational system will become a necessity for the development of IMM’s.