The Link Between Migration And Economic Development

  • Ramona PIRVU Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Economy Department, University of Craiova, ROMANIA, Str. A.I.Cuza nr. 13


This paperwork analyses the intricate and complex links between mobility and economic and social development. This analysis shows that migration was always widespread, linked to social and economic processes and that modern forms of rural to urban or international migration can not be dissociated from the processes of capitalist development, urbanism, the expansion of economic and political integration of globalization. Also, migration is not just a result of social transformation, it is a form of social transformation in its own way, which has a feedback effect for the involved entities. This work shows that the level at which the phenomenon of migration is capable of making structural changes is real but limited. Although migration and remittances play a vital role in securing and improving directly the means of existence of millions of people from developing countries, they alone can not solve the problems that these countries face like: an unstable political environment, mistakes in the macro-economic politics, lack of security, juridical insecurity of personal property, bureaucracy, corruption and lacking infrastructure.