Macroeconomic Policy Towards Raising Economy

  • Marina Luminita SARBOVAN Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Tibiscus” University of Timisoara, Daliei str. No.1A, 300558, Timisoara


In our country, the post-industrial society is build in the context of the European integration of our national structures, a process that was assumed to create a larger convergence with the continental economic pole, and to consolidate the cultural and economic development of the citizens. Inside such overview, the crisis that brought a negative growth in our country and unbalanced the national markets of goods and labor was administrated in a simple manner by the authorities, who realized that it was much easier to raise expenses than to collect incomes in an unfortunate conjuncture. The comparative analysis of the strategic goals of the United Europe with the currently developed possibilities of the states to lever the financial and economic evolution, reveal the possibilities of the authorities’ intervention to gain a favorable feed-back from the depressed economic environment. In Romania, depression started in 2008, and continued per 2009 and 2010, unemployment rose, and the foreign debt rose during the last three years. The short term tools used by the leadership and the current authorities were focused on the use of fiscal instruments, and theoretically on the “Supply Side” reviewed point. In this paper we express our point of view regarding the solution of re-launching the economy by fiscal policy. Also, we propose other solutions in the service of the society.