Bio-Phyto-Modulators and Its Influences on Mental and Emotional Health

  • Stelian CHIVU „Ancu Dinca” Natural Medicine Center, 17th Manastirea Putna Street, 1st sector, Bucharest


Nobody can give health to a man without taking into account its true nature. It is known that organs, emotions and spirit are one; they are the result of the hereditary tendencies of the development conditions of physical factors, chemical and physiological of the environment. Health depends on the chemical and structural constitution of each body part and some properties of the whole (body). It is necessary to help this assembly to maintain its integrity instead to intervene in the functioning of each organ separately. For example, it is not enough to eliminate symptoms of diabetes patient by administering insulin. The simple management of organic compounds of patient will not give him the real health state, but can only give addiction. Organs themselves must be able to release these substances in the organism. Approaching the unknown territories of the inner selves, The Control Panel which controls the smooth mechanisms of the glands, states and brain can be found.